Friday, March 13, 2009

Need Your Own Water Fueled Blow Torch?

That's right, I said water fueled. Now, I know what you're thinking, so before you start with the comments about me dipping into too many solar panel reserves from yesterday's post, let me clear the subject line up right away. A breakthrough application has come out in the last couple of years that makes having your own blow torch as easy as a little elbow grease and a reasonable amount of safety consciousness.

There is a man who has invented a blow torch that runs on Brown's gas. What is Brown's gas you say? Well I'm glad you ask! Let me tell you right now. Brown's gas is basically the mixture of hydrogen and oxygen which results when you break down water with electrolysis but you don't bother to capture the gases separately. It's kind of a neat mixture because the proportions are perfectly premixed for you to fire them up and return them straight back to their original bonded state... water that is.

The interesting characteristic about this invention is that although it burns at a temperature somewhere in the range of 1500 degrees Centigrade (that would be over 2700 degrees Fahrenheit!), the tip actually remains cools to touch. I haven't actually seen any information about why that happens, but my personal theory is that since the gas mixture is so perfect, it doesn't need to 'suck' oxygen from outside the nozzle to support combustion, and therefore the entire flame exists entirely outside the nozzle outlet, allowing the housing to remain cool. Other gases require feeder holes before the outlet that allow air in to mix with the fuel, and the flame starts burning inside the nozzle tip, heating it up.

I'm thinking there are a TON of things I'd love to do with the power of my own incredible torch like that. This guy runs his car on water too and gets over 100 mpg. Can you imagine your own water powered car going 100 miles on a single gallon of water subsidized gasoline? How much would that save you?

I still haven't heard from anyone yet on their own ideas, thoughts or inventions. Come on everyone, let's work together, share some ideas and get free energy out of the labs and into everyone's backyard!

Over the next couple days I'll post some ideas on how to make the gas in a very efficient way, and what you can use it for once you have that setup.

I'll talk to you tomorrow!


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