Friday, March 13, 2009

Hydrogen Lust and it's Fatally Deadly Secret

OK, today's post is going to start out somber with an incredibly serious and up front safety message you MUST not ignore.
We're talking today about how to extract copious amounts of clean burning freely available Hydrogen gas from it's watery prison. Oh, sorry... translation: You can make a hydrogen generator to use to build other newer breakthrough inventions like a water fueled car or anything else powered by water fuel. I'll get to the very cool invention later in the blog but I first want to focus your attention on something so important that you could unwittingly poison not only yourself but your entire neighborhood simply by the curiosity of your inventive little minds. (Sorry... did that sound condescending?)

Of course Hydrogen is freed along with Oxygen by pushing electricity through water. But water doesn't like allowing that, without some extra persuasion. That persuasion happens by adding a little bit of chemical to the water to make it electrically conductive. One of the best chemicals to add is Potassium Hydroxide or KOH. This creates a caustic solution (fancy word that means the water will burn your skin if you dip your hand in it) which conducts electricity.

Once we can get Electricity to run through the water, we have the set up for separating the water into its two parts, Oxygen and Hydrogen. The oxygen gets pulled out of the water at one electrode and the hydrogen at the other. The safety lesson I want to share with you today happens at this very point. If you use Stainless steel as one of the electrodes, and you're using it in a caustic solution like KOH, then after you separate the hydrogen, your fluid that you're left with, will contain Hexavalent Chromium... the nasty nasty substance that causes all the problems in the movie "Erin Brochovich".

Hexavalent Chromium should NEVER be flushed or poured down the drain, or poured out onto the ground or into water sources. It causes serious nasties. Just watch the movie Erin Brochovich to see what I'm talking about.

However, once you DO have some hydrogen to burn, then you're able to start using it to better mankind and lower your heating bills. So how do you make a device that will get you this extra fuel? Well it wasn't easy. You can build your own homemade hydrogen generator using the information the following video:

Go here to see how to make HHO really easily and quickly.

Oh, and just to give you one last chance... watch this video on safety!

Next time we'll talk about one of the really cool ways to use this Brown's gas stuff! (Hydrogen and Oxygen mix or HHO gas.)

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