Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Do You Want The Most Unique Electric Generator?

Imagine what it would be like if you never had to pay for any of your electricity. What would you do with the power you generate? What if you could generate that electrical power by building your own water fountain and harnessing it to power your home? Picture a water fountain in your front yard that also runs a charming water wheel.

Today's post is going to give you my idea for free... and as you read every word in this article, I want to help you begin to think about your own idea. Remember that inspiration you had years ago that you were discouraged with? Well as you absorb this information, you're going to see new ideas in your own mind. Write your ideas down.

Michael Faraday discovered many of the fundamental secrets of electricity and magnetism that we base so much science on today. If you... combine two separate inspirations, you will slowly begin to see more harmony with the pattern layed out for us by nature. Little by little you will begin to notice details you skipped over before that unlock the hidden potential of those ideas you had so long ago. I combined Faraday's discovery regarding homopolar generator effects, with another lesser known science great... Hero of Alexandria.

Hero studied things like air and steam pressure and invented both the first steam engine, as well as the device I use in my combo-idea, the Hero Fountain. Hero noticed that water is heavier than air, but under pressure, they can each exert the same force. So he harnessed a long column of water pushing down, to send air pressure (which has very little gravitational weight to overcome) up to a water chamber somewhere higher. The pressure then pushed the water out of the upper chamber into a reservoir that feeds the tall water column. It looks like perpetual motion at first but once you look more closely, you see that it will only last as long as you have water in the second chamber that receives the air pressure. When it runs out of water, that's it, and it has to be replenished.

I decided that it would look nice in a front garden, and since you could use if for landscape, you just have to have a waterwheel to go with it. And since you have a water wheel, you might as well put it to work, since it is spinning anyway. My idea uses the rotation of the water wheel to turn a second drum, around which are a bunch of Faraday's homopolar generators.

Faraday discovered that if you spin a magnet with a copper or alluminum disk glued to its face, that you could generate a voltage difference between the center of the disk, and its outside edge. From what I've read, it is not a large voltage, but it is a voltage none the less. The interesting characteristic of it though, is that the power required to spin the magnet is not very high, since the copper disk (or aluminum, but we'll just keep speaking about copper for simplicity sake) is not fighting it's rotation... it's glued to the magnet.

I have some theories on why this doesn't create back emf (force that fights you, by resisting the turning of the magnet) but I'll leave that for another post some day.
So although one Faraday disk creates a small amount of electricity, if you put lots of them around a drum that will turn them all, then you'd be able to harness some more usable power amounts. For now, I'll simply post my picture of this setup and leave you to be inspired with more of your own improvements or even completely new ideas altogether.

With the right application of storage batteries and power inverters, you could conceivably power many items in your home right now, and isn't that what we're all about here anyway? Post comments to this. As always, subscribe so everyone can benefit.

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  2. Well thank you very much for the encouragement, Mehwish! That inspires me immensely to continue churning out ideas. Hopefully it will inspire many others to try new things too.