Monday, March 16, 2009

Get Serious And Make Any Tool You Want

Well today we forge into the first realm of putting some of these ideas together to come up with something that may not have been done yet. If anyone tries anything from this blog, please come back and update the posting with your news.

So we've now talked about having a blow torch powered by water, and hopefully you've watched the videos on the idea for creating your own hydrogen generator. You could now cut anything you wanted with the torch or maybe even weld anything you want. But what if you want to forge a new piece of hardware? Well today I'm going to pass on to you a really cool site that describes how to make your own blast furnace where you can melt iron and start your own hobby molding metal in your very own foundry.

The temperatures required can be quite high but that's ok when you're using Hydogen since it burns close to the 3000 degree mark. The videos I'm passing on don't use hydrogen and before you attempt any of this I need to warn you that I haven't either... but it sounds like something to try. As always, safety must be first and you have to allow for flash back in your burner tips , isolating the hydrogen from the rest of the back pipe that would feed your system. I recommend a bubbler fairly close to the forge so even if you get some flash back, that it won't have too much fuel to cause major damage.

Bulding a forge should be pretty straight forward given the methods used by these setups (from the videos) but I have an idea using vortex wind patterns.
I think by adding 3 fins to the inside of the furnace, you should be able to set up some whirlwinds that would help cushion the heat layer and protect the inside of the refractory (the heat brick material on the inside of the furnace) from breaking down too quickly.

Yes, this is my first brainstorm idea on the blog. Send me your ideas too!

In one of the pictures, the owner showed his refractory material melted and eventually needing replacement. I wonder if with this design, it might extend the life somewhat.

Anyway, vortexes are very interesting phenomena and produce some pretty cool results when applied in the right circumstances.

Here are the links to the resources I promised for today.
Here's a working home made little blast furnace...

Here's a vid on making a flash arrestor for a homemade torch:

HHO Flashback Arrestor + Torch - HOW TO - For more funny videos, click here

Once you can melt metal, you're well on your way to making forms and pouring out your super duper exclusive highly ingenious do-ma-thing-a-ma-bob.

Enjoy, and get sharing in the comments section so everyone can benefit!


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