Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Unlocking Your Brain with BrainKey!

Today I am choosing to shamelessly plug a promotion for self improvement technology. Do your train of thought ever de-rail? Ever wish you could remember things easier, or generate incredible ideas? Have you ever come home in the dark, parked the car, walked up to the door and walk in... only to find out you've just walked into your next door neighbor's house by mistake?

I have. (Yes, true story... though I knew it was different as soon as I saw the panelling on the walls inside. I answered the "who's there" question with "Sorry! Wrong house" and quickly closed the door behind me, dashed across the front lawn and slipped swiftly into MY house before anyone had a chance to see who the strange voice was.) But I've since changed my ways and worked on improving my mental capacity. To my great delight, I've discovered some wonderfully enjoyable technology that does the trick very well. It is the (are you ready for this?) KEY to unlocking the dormant power of your BRAIN! :-D

The technology employs musically tuned stimulus, targeted individually for each ear, (you must wear stereo headphones for this to work properly)to stimulate your brain's responses to perform functions it normally handles in completely different ways. This encourages the brain to develop new neural pathways as well as stimulating existing unused neural connections to refresh, and the result is greatly increased mental capacity, attention focus, as well as stronger memory retention and problem solving ability. I've also read testimonials atesting first hand the improvement for conditions such as ADHD and high functioning Autism.

Nicola Tesla was a verifiable genius, known to have memorized his parents' entire literary library, and did complex calculus in his head. With brain power like that, it's no wonder he accomplished so many thousand patents! Not only is Tesla my hero, in this particular arena he has also become a benchmark and a goal to which I may gauge my own progress.

Check the BrainKey Site out yourself. Read the promotional jargon, and then follow any of the links to get into the main portal where you'll find lots of different renditions and styles that employ this great technology.

Enjoy and enhance your brains, my BrainKey enthusiasts!


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