Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Help Me!! Unlock the Secret of the Free Energy Water Wheel

What if I could build myself a simple mechanical device that would spin an axle and allow me to run a generator?
Would you call me a quack if it worked? Are you interested in how to discover that secret combination or will you simply stand on the sidelines and throw stones?

I have been fascinated with the possibility that our current physics mind set within conventional science, has actually locked us out of the breakthrough ideas we crave. For years we have rejected a great deal of potentially unthinkable invention, all because it deals in areas that most scientists deem quacky.

Well, when you have no formal training, (think of John Worrell Keely for example) you don't approach inventing with the same restrictive obstacles and anything becomes possible. What if you're too un-educated to know that bees cannot scientifically support their weight with their wings and that flight for bees is simply not possible?

Ok so with that premise, I propose that we simply need to observe a couple examples of unexplained physics, and use them to create a harness that we can use. My attitude is that we should first build it and prove it works before we let loose the mathematicians to argue with us that such a device is simply not possible. Let them figure out why it runs... as long as it runs.

I think we should be able to create a water wheel that is run by a conical cylinder pump, which is powered by a 2 stage mechanical oscillator...
and that a bit of the power from the water wheel should be divertable to keep the pendulum going on the oscillator. What do you think? Care to build one yourself and see if it works?

Go ahead and see what you can put together, then post a response and let me know your results. It will be better use of your energy than searching for stones and hurling them for no other reason than to fortify what you think you are safe to state.

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